Web Hosting and Back-Up

Dedicated and shared server


Virtualization and Cloud Computing have turned threats into systemic risks, increasing the need for Data Security.

IPSIP Services hosts the data of its clients in self-owned infrastructures, guaranteeing both localization and securing of data access.

IPSIP Services hosts the data and internet traffic of its clients in self-owned network infrastructures, either on:

  • Dedicated servers, for companies needing heavy resources (calculation, games).
  • Shared servers, for companies eager to decrease their budget by sharing server rental costs.

Cloud Computing and Data Security

With multinational companies entering Cloud Computing market, legal uncertainty issues related to data localization have surfaced.

Our clients choose use to keep their data safe: IPSIP Services guarantees data geographical localization and eliminates strategic risks for business.


IPSIP Start-Up Incubator

Founded by entrepreneurs, IPSIP Group helps young companies in search of growth.

Its development teams build the prototypes of tomorrow’s applications, giving start-ups faster means to get their product on the market.

Since 2015, IPSIP Services has been making its network infrastructures available to promising projects that had made it through a preliminary selection process.

IPSIP’s servers help these young start-ups handle exponential traffic growth, a support that is crucial to the overcoming of the most critical steps of their development.

IPSIP Group’s support is more than a technical one: it comprises a comprehensive training to entrepreneurship.

Young entrepreneurs shall learn:

  • Market targeting and segmentation.
  • Business-model formulation and improvement.
  • Identification and cooperation with technical and scientific partners.
  • Funding plan development.
  • Funding research, with professional network support from IPSIP Group.

To join IPSIP’s Start-Up Incubator, submit a project presentation file via our Contact form.

Our team shall get back to you as soon as possible.